My very first float!!  Found
Another netted float!!
Float hiding in the beach
grass.  7.6.06
Float hunting 50 feet from the
A look at our "secret"
beach!!  7.6.06
A "Made in Germany" float I
Josie with a beautiful 14"
Amber float found on a rocky
beach near Seldovia, Alaska.
Seal button aka Pontil of this
Russian Star float - green
with amber swirls & a
crack.  I found it myself
Japanese float with large
barnacle.  I found this on the
beach 11.5.06.
3-piece mold float with Amber
seal button.  I also found this
one on the beach!
Cobalt blue swirls & net
marks.  Another one from my
beachcombing trip on 11.5.06.
This float has lots of blue
swirls!!  I picked this one up
This float has purple swirls
but it's hard to see them in the
This is an 8" diameter float  
found on our 11.5.06 trip!!!
20 floats in 45 minutes!!  
14" Diameter Amber float
with a 12" Amethyst float &
Josie the cat!!
12" Diameter Amethyst float!  
It's a beauty!!
This is the same float seen on
the left but without the net.
My one & only float with a
spindle that I found!!
10" Diameter
Double F
Complete Star Mark
on Seal Button
Golf ball size DG
Golf ball size star
with net
Float found in a
"jacket" by me on
Clear float with
Float with
Blue seal found by
me 2.6.07
Double F found by
me 2.6.07
2nd Double F
found by me
3 piece mold float
with L mark
Asahi marked
float found by me
Chinese 2-piece
float found by me.
Chinese 2-piece
float found by me.
Purple Japanese
float 5" diameter
Made in Japan float
found by me 2.6.07
Tiny 1.5 inch
diameter float
16" long Medium Jumbo SE
Double Ball
Float with Amos
Wood mark #69
Walt Pich #49 Roof
Small Blue Dot Float
My new Rare Kanji
Mark #37  from
Amos Wood book
Mark similar to Dai
with triangle
Unknown Roof
Cranberry Dot Seal
with temple mark &
Beautiful 10"
diameter float with
Cobalt Blue Seal
Various floats in a
large glass vase
Blue Taiwanese
Float with Water
Grooved Roller
45" Beautiful Steel
Blue Float
Rare Snakeskin
Awesome Swirled 3-piece
Mold Float I found in
October 07
New version of the
Hokkaido roller
Small Snub Nosed Torpedo
Assorted floats with a
Blodgett Blue in the center.
My newest additions as of
Grooved 2.5" diameter
Japanese float
Amber/Brown Hokkaido
Small 2.5" Cranberry Dot
float with original net &
wooden tag
Cranberry dots, cranberry &
pink 2.5" floats
Korean 3-piece mold float
with Anchor mark
Chinese molded float with
Star mark embossed on the
Marked float
Newly discovered Bubble
Sausage float with a  pink
tint to it.
14" Brown Hokodate with
Near Mini Jumbo &
Mini Jumbo's
Double Sausage
Knobby Roller
Monkey Ear Roller
Hard to find
TO mark
Beautiful Blodgett
Blue w/mark
Torpedo Roller in
Olive Green
Green Fatty Tohoku
3-Piece Mold float
with Rare Trident
Mark found on Cold
Bay trip May 2008
Cobalt blue swirl float
found on Cold Bay trip
May 2008
My new glass float display
case that has a few of my
floats in it!!
Mini Jumbo with a
Blue Seal Button
Rare Russian float
My very LUCKY antique store
find!  Super Rare Kanji Roller.
Micro Roller
Awesome new spindle float.
11" Light Pink Free Blown
float with an internal side
Rare Orange